Why Incorporate in the UK?

Many business owners require a company based in the UK to manage their trading activities in this country, or to establish a business presence within Europe. The United Kingdom is perhaps the easiest and least expensive country in the world in which to establish a limited company and the strength of the UK economy, together with the strong reputation that accompanies UK companies globally makes this country one of the most favourable locations to establish a business.

Within the European Economic Area (EEA), the simplicity of conducting business across international boundaries leads many business owners to choose the UK as their favoured place of registration. European law allows UK companies to operate anywhere within the EEA without restriction. UK law of course places no trading restrictions on companies registered here so your company will be able to carry out its activities anywhere in the world.

Dependent upon local tax legislation, if a UK company does not carry out any trading activities in the UK and it is managed in a foreign country, it is possible to be treated as non-resident for corporation tax in the UK. This may depend upon whether a ‘double tax treaty’ is established between the UK and your country of operation. We advise that you take professional tax advice in the country where you will carry out your business.

It is important to note also that all UK company registration agents are subject to Anti Money Laundering Legislation. We are required to check the identity of all persons connected with any company for which we provide services. Whilst it may result in a small delay in setting up your company, the care taken in applying these regulations is yet another important factor that improves the reputation of UK companies around the world.

Operate Anywhere in the World

UK law places no restriction on where the place of business is established, where the management of the company is based, or where directors or shareholders are resident. UK companies can be managed from anywhere in the world, and conduct their business anywhere in the world.

UK Incorporate: The Easy Option

The high cost and the length of time taken to incorporate in some countries suggests that the simplicity of incorporating in the UK is the best option. Many countries require high levels of capital for a new company to be incorporated, but UK companies need only a minimum £1 paid up capital, and incorporation is complete within just a few hours.

A UK company can be established with its share capital in other currencies. We offer the option to set up your company with shares in Sterling (British Pounds), Euros or US Dollars.

There are various documents that must be filed with the UK authorities and at Companies House on a regular basis whenever there are changes to the company, including annual returns of summary information. We will complete all necessary company secretarial duties on your behalf and ensure that your company remains fully compliant with UK law.

Your company must also file financial statements at Companies House every year which must be prepared in English and strictly in accordance with the rules that determine how the information is presented. This applies whether or not your company actually trades in the UK. Any financial statements produced in a foreign language must be translated into English and presented in the correct format. Our accountancy advisers will be able to assist if required, and if your business is to be active in the UK and subject to UK taxation, we will be happy to arrange local accountancy services to assist you.

Failure to file any of the required documents at Companies House may lead to a criminal prosecution against the directors and the removal of your company from the register. If financial statements are filed later 9 months from the financial year-end there are also statutory financial penalties.

Trust Our Experience

We register thousands of companies for overseas customers every year. If you think this may be an option for you, speak to your professional advisers for further information or contact us directly. We will provide you with a first class cost-effective service and we will ensure your company remains fully compliant with UK Company Law at all times.

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