Upgrade your standard package with a range of valuable additional services

Prestige Presentation Upgrade

Once your company is established, you will want to keep all your company documents safely and securely. Your documents will be emailed to you as part of our standard package but if you choose, we can prepare a prestigious package for you in a smart professionally presented binder to impress your colleagues and business associates.

All your company documents will be printed and collated in a purpose made folder and you will also receive a duplicate of your documents copied to a CD-ROM.

The package also includes a metal plier company seal to add your official seal to important company documents, and a bound copy of your Articles of Association.

Your upgrade includes courier delivery to you.

Upgrade to a Prestigious Central London Registered Address

Our standard package includes the provision of a registered office address at our head office in the prosperous county of Cheshire in north-west England. However, if you prefer your company to be situated in central London, we can offer an upgrade to our address in Regent Street, London W1, one of the most prestigious business addresses in the world.

Upgrade to a full Business Mail Address

Your registered office address is not intended for use as an address for general correspondence, and only routine official mail will be sent to you. However, if you wish to have a full business mail forwarding service that allows you to use the same address for general correspondence you can choose this upgrade. Once you have set up this service all your business mail will be sent to your specified location. In addition to the annual fee for the service, we will charge you the cost of postage plus 30% for all items forwarded.

Legal Documentation Package

Many clients outside the UK need to have certain papers officially legalised for purposes such as opening bank accounts and dealing with local authorities. The process of certifying or legalizing documents for international use outside the UK is known as ‘Apostilling’. We provide a full package of company paperwork properly certified and apostilled by the UK Government Foreign Office. The package includes your Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation and details of directors. The process takes up to three weeks to complete as documents have to be first certified by lawyers, and then submitted to the Government office.

The Legal Documentation Package also includes two bound copies or your Articles of Association (each around 30 pages) and a Certificate of Good Standing from Companies House that verifies that the company is properly established, that there are no outstanding fees and that all documentation on the company registry is correct and up to date.

You may find that these documents will be required at a later date, so it is often beneficial to have them available in advance to save time when required.

Your upgrade includes courier delivery to you.

Other Useful Services Services


If your company is to carry out business in the UK it is advisable to engage the services of a qualified accountant to guide you through the rules and give advice on tax matters and the completion of financial statements. We work closely with accountants in the UK who specialise in dealing with overseas clients. Please let us know if you would like an introduction.

Note that whether or not your company trades in the UK, you have a legal obligation to file financial statements at the UK registry. These statements must also follow strict rules that dictate how they are set out. Even if your company operates through a branch registration in another country, it will still be required to file financial statements at Companies House. It is a common mistake made by some people operating their UK company overseas where they think that they can file ‘dormant’ accounts with the UK authorities simply because they do not have any trading activities here. This is wrong.

Together with our accountancy experts in the UK, we can advise on all matters associated with preparing financial statements and looking after all your tax matters in the UK connected with your limited company.

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Trade Marks

Once you have established your company in the UK you may wish to protect your valuable brand name or your company name, logo or products with a UK trademark. This is something we can assist with directly either at the start of your business or at a later stage.

Our Trademark department has extensive knowledge of registering with the UK Intellectual Property Office and we can advise on all aspects of protecting your brand.

UK trademarks can be applied to either products or services and especially in the international market, it is critical to ensure your hard work and financial investment is fully protected against unscrupulous use by other people.

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UK Bank Account

We have a close working relationship with HSBC Bank in the UK. If you need a bank account setting up for your company in the UK, we will happily introduce you to the bank free of charge. Your company details and information relating to the directors will be passed to the bank and they will contact you directly to obtain further information about your business. We will only send information to HSBC if you specifically ask us to do so. No information about you or your company will be passed to any third party without your express permission.

This process saves you a lot of time providing basic information, and ensures that the bank have sufficient detail to process your application. You will still need to provide identification for the bank’s own Anti-Money Laundering procedures, but in many circumstances, you can present these documents to a local branch of HSBC in your own area.

Please check the box at the end of the order process if you would like us to contact you about this service.

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