Professional Incorporation Services from the UK’s leading Company Registration Agent

We will incorporate your UK limited company with the utmost care and attention to detail. Setting up a company requires much more than simply registering the details with Companies House. A UK company is required by law to keep registers that record director details and the share structure of the business. You can rest assured that our documentation is the most comprehensive available in the market today and all these legal documents will be completed for you when we incorporate your company.

It is of great importance that your company is set up with a proper governing constitutional document. Many agents in the UK wrongly advise their clients that the basic ‘model articles’ available in their services are good enough for all clients. We do not agree. There are many reasons why the ‘model articles’ do not meet suitable criteria.

Our service is different. We use detailed Articles of Association prepared by leading corporate lawyers and approved by the Association of Company Registration Agents. The lawyers who prepared our Articles were in fact members of the Government consultation who helped to develop the Companies Act 2006.

Once your company has been incorporated it is vital that it complies with UK law to keep accurate records and makes routine filings at Companies House on time. Our standard package includes your first year Registration Agency Service (see below) and is designed to ensure you have the best possible service to support your business. Buying up to five years in advance can give you substantial savings.

A professional service for professional business people

UK Incorporate provides a high quality professional service directed at professionals around the world who understand the importance of having their company established correctly, and most of all, keeping up to date with their legal obligations.

Registration Agency Service

UK company law requires companies to maintain statutory registers of members and directors, details of shareholders, allotments of shares, transfers of shares, and mortgages and charges. Companies must also maintain accurate records of official meetings and must issue share certificates according to correct procedures. Our Registration Agency Service will ensure all these documents are kept up to date at all times and we will deal with routine filings required by the UK authorities on your behalf. .

UK Incorporate was established to provide services specifically to clients based outside the UK who will naturally find it more difficult to maintain their companies. Whether such difficulties arise due to language or simply geographical location, we will assist in maintaining your statutory company records that are required under UK law. .

The service includes: .

  • Registered Office Address in Cheshire or London
  • Nominee Corporate Company Secretary
  • Managed Company Secretarial Service to maintain official records
  • Director Service Address at our Cheshire address to maintain confidentiality
  • Filing Annual Returns at Companies House
  • Filing Annual Financial Statements at Companies House
  • Maintaining records of official company meetings
  • Meeting facilities at our head office in Cheshire

As well as annual filings such as financial statements and annual returns, there are many events such as appointments of new directors and changes to share capital that require documents to be filed at Companies House along with the necessary changes to be made to the company records and minutes of meetings to approve these events. .

Our standard service includes a registered office address at our head office in Cheshire, situated just 20 minutes from the centre of Manchester and Manchester International Airport. If you are in the UK on business and need to meet clients you are welcome to use our meeting facilities by prior arrangement free of charge for up to half a day. We can accommodate up to ten people in our conference room. .

If you choose to upgrade your registered office to our London address, we can also provide meeting facilities at that address for a small charge by prior arrangement. .

When you incorporate your company, we will automatically apply the registered office and director service address. If you wish to change either of these to an address outside our organisation, we will make the appropriate changes to your company record after incorporation. .

Please note that this service relates to matters of company law and dealings with the UK registry, it does not provide support for tax matters, dealing with HM Revenue & Customs or accountancy. See the relevant section on our upgrades page for further details of how we can help with those issues.

A First Class Service

Our service provides a combined incorporation and registration agency service designed to be of the greatest benefit to our international clients. We will incorporate your company and provide your registered office, company secretary, director’s service address, and a full managed company secretarial service. We will deal with the appropriate UK authorities on your behalf to ensure your company remains fully compliant with UK law at all times. Companies House filings will always be up to date and your documentation meticulously maintained.

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